About Premeir Steel
The history of Premier Steel Furniture Industries dates back to the year 1961 when Mr. Syed Wahid Hassan laid the foundation stone and started a small business setup with a very limited capital. In the initial days of our existence, PSFI used to deal in just a one product which was steel almirah. Later on after joining of Mr. Syed Hamid Hassan and Mr. Syed Shahid Hassan the organization expanded itself. Due to the very transparent and clear policies derived by the three gentlemen, which revolved around two words, quality and commitment, Premier Steel Furniture Industries was soon recognized as an emerging organization which had professional expertise as well as strong backup support. After extensive hard work and rigorous struggle, which marked the initial years of PSFI, business started to grow slowly but steadily and the product range increased to manifolds. PSFI got itself entitled as a registered contractor in many establishments including that of government ones. To name a few we became the regular suppliers for DGDP, Army, Navy and Air force and various banks. This enlistment added richness to our corporate profile which strengthened day by day and so did our business. Over the decades, our cliental grew in leaps and bounds and by the grace of Almighty, Premier Steel Furniture Industries established itself as a leading and prominent brand name in the market. The three old warriors then gradually passed the working authority to Mr. Syed Aslam Shahid, who is the current Chief Executive of Premier Steel Furniture Industries.